The YABBUT, you see, is your own inner guide.
It helps you figure out the things you feel inside.


It’s a teacher that challenges you to explore
What it is you believe when you need to learn more.


So when it appears, know it has many uses;
To show you new ways and to point out excuses.

Beware of the YABBUT whose only ambition
Is to make you accept what you see. That’s its mission.


When you spot a warped image you want to believe
Just know it’s the YABBUT who tries to deceive.

If you try to suggest
Bringing on all the rest,
It’s the YABBUT that wants to refuse.


So please notice its tricks
To influence your picks,
AND include all we see on our cruise.

The YABBUT, you see, it has only one use;
To always be near and provide an excuse.

When you’re lazy and wanting the easy way out,
And you say, “Yeah but,” it will show up, no doubt.

Sly of Yabbuts

a group of Yabbuts


their favorite band


when someone pulls out the “yeah but” attitude


when you are at your Yabbuty best


what Yabbuts live in


the Land of Yabbuts


Yabbut Fans

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