Welcome to Land of AND


Climb on aboard and your world will expand.
We’ll include all we find in this grand Land of AND!

As you float down the river that rolls and rumbles through this land, you learn all the great ways to include others, embrace differences, and make your world more exciting! You’ll learn that even those who seem scary or different at first may bring something great to your journey; whether it’s a special skill, a wealth of experience, or even just a unique sense of style. You’ll make sure that everyone is included and gets to come along!

Imagine a world where the differences around us are embraced and celebrated. A place where we are encouraged to be our true selves and include all the wonderful uniqueness around us. Land of AND is that place. It provides simple, easy ways to see, embrace, and enjoy the wonderfully diverse world around us. And, maybe even learn to appreciate our own differences.

Land of AND is so much more than just a book. Filled with simple strategies and useful steps, it’s a tool to help you and your family navigate life’s terrain, and always include others. This fantastically-illustrated and wonderfully-rhymed story teaches the important life-lesson of how to embrace differences in a way that readers of all ages can use and enjoy.


Utilize our free Fun Stuff to keep the journey going. We have tools that are great to help parents and teachers expand on the messages in Land of AND, with activities that will remind everyone of the importance of inclusion and embracing differences.

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