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Travel with us through this fine Land of OR
and learn how to choose unlike never before!

Come along on a fantastic adventure where readers of all ages can learn how to make great choices. On this journey you’ll discover that there are many options for your choice and then how to pick the best one. Whether it’s the intention behind your option, the possible consequences, or who else could be affected, you will leave this land knowing how to pick the best options and make the best choices.

Does your child struggle with making good choices? Have you thought about the reasons you choose the options that you do? The steps for making good choices are simple, but it’s more than just picking the first option you find. Land of OR gives you and your family practical, easy steps to make the best choices for you.

Land of OR is so much more than just a book. Filled with simple strategies and useful steps, it’s a tool to help you and your family navigate life’s terrain, and pick the best options. This fantastically-illustrated and wonderfully-rhymed story teaches the important life-lesson of how to make good choices in a way that readers of all ages can use and enjoy.


Utilize our free Fun Stuff to keep the journey going. We have tools that are great to help parents and teachers expand on the messages in Land of OR, with activities that will remind everyone the steps to making good choices.

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