Wow. I am absolutely blown away after reading Land of Now.

It is hard to stay in the Land of NOW when we are constantly anticipating another book from the Land of…children’s series.  Katie and Toby are my classroom heroes.  I am continually amazed by their ability to create such engaging and visually stunning books that teach valuable life skills to students AND their teachers.  Land of NOW is officially my new favorite in the series (until the next Land gets created, of course).

Francesca Lindgren, 5th grade teacher, Mammoth Heights Elementary in Parker, Colorado


The Land of NOW inspires us through its beautiful illustrations and valuable lessons.  We appreciated learning that we shouldn’t worry about things that our out of our control. Thanks Katie and Toby for helping us learn new ways to handle our worries and the stress that can come from being a kid. As a class we always love being transported into the Land of…children’s books.  Living in the NOW is always fun, because once you’re there… you’re never done!

Mrs. Lindgren’s 5th grade class, Mammoth Heights Elementary in Parker, Colorado

A Must Read at Any Age

The Land of NOW is a MUST read for everyone!  No matter your age, the message in this sweet, poignant book is priceless.  As a life coach, I will recommend this to all my clients.  The message is deep, but delivered in rhyme with beautiful illustrations, making it such a joyful reminder of how to navigate our overthinking. We all need to remind ourselves of the message in this book every day.

Stephanie Barton, Life Dream Coach

Eye-opening, imaginative, and deeply touching.

Katie Mullaly’s newest addition to her “Land of…” series, Land of Now, is eye-opening, imaginative, and deeply touching. Mullaly has brought to light another aspect of human imperfection, one that is ingrained especially deep into us at a very young age. As humans, our thoughts stop us from becoming and choosing who we want to be. We often live in places other than “now” which foster insecurities and doubts about ourselves and the people around us. In the “Land of Now,” Mullaly shows the reader how important it is to live in the now rather than past and/or future. Allen’s original artistic style gives the reader and child the imagination of what these voices look and sound like to us. His art, creative as ever, even gives us the power to overcome them. Mullaly has gone above and beyond to connect to children across the country and teach them essential life skills to carry with them throughout their lives.

Hayley Lopez, mom-to-be

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