Travel these Lands and life-lessons you’ll gain
To help you navigate life’s complex terrain!


In what is being hailed as “A modern day Dr. Seuss with a contemporary twist and important message for kids,” our fantastically-illustrated and wonderfully-rhymed stories take readers on grand adventures. All the while providing important tools to help us all navigate life’s terrain.

Our mission is to provide fun and engaging personal-growth, mindfulness, and awareness resources for developing young minds, and for older minds that can use a little expansion. Our stories specialize in presenting important life-lessons in colorful, entertaining, and memorable ways that can transcend beyond “reading time.”

We have created travel guides and resources for each Land with the intention of keeping the conversations of the journeys going beyond story time. With tips and tools for parents and teachers to use, these lessons are easy to integrate in to everyday life.

These timeless tales and adventures offer readers of all ages important life-lessons to help us all navigate life’s terrain.

Our company may be small, but our impact on our readers is huge with our messages and tools
to bring mindfulness to kids (and adults) through our books and other products.

If you would like to be a part of the Land of… Children’s Books through distribution,
international rights, or other outlets, let us know.

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