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All I can say in the end is: encore, encore, encore. (Read more…)

Powerfully affirmative books on a vast range of qualities. (Read more…)

The Land of… series of books is nothing short of spectacular. (Read more…)

A modern-day Dr. Seuss with a contemporary twist and an important message for kids. (Read more…)

As a parent, I enjoy having a message taught as we are reading and then having the opportunity to discuss the message with my kids. We have loved this series and can’t wait for the others! (Read more…)

I have a feeling the series she is creating is going to be the next big children’s book craze. At least, I think it should be. (Read more…)

Eye-opening, imaginative, and deeply touching. (Read more…)

I don’t even have children and I’m in love with this storybook collection. (Read more…)

These are the books your child will request for nightly readings over and over again. (Read more…)

A great message for all ages!!! (Read more…)

This of this book as a lifesaver of sorts. (Read more…)

The life lessons Mullaly concentrates on in her books are the foundation of an upstanding human. (Read more…)

Pleasing to the eye and compelling to adult and child alike. (Read more…)

It’s a kid’s book with a perfect message for today’s teens and young adults as they traverse the real world of social media images and social pressures. (Read more…)

Katie’s awe-inspiring work coupled with her innate ability to understand the needs of children, is simply sublime. (Read more…)

The Land of… series provides a fun and enlightening experience that leaves lasting effects. (Read more…)

I am continually amazed by Katie and Toby’s ability to create such engaging and visually stunning books that teach valuable life skills to students AND their teachers. (Read more…)

Once again, these books have touched me deeply with their words. (Read more…)

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