Must read!

Land of OR is absolutely brilliant! As parents, we know how important it is to teach our children how to make good decision and this “unique cocktail of Dr. Seuss and Dr. Phil” offers a fun way to help them learn.

Thousands of new children’s books are released each year, but few are written with the direct intention of helping young readers identify and embrace life’s good choices. But Utah’s Katie Mullaly has done an amazing a job at creating such a book, and Toby Allen did a phenomenal job at bringing it to life. The minute my boys laid eye on the cover they were ready to read to the book. Once I opened up Land of Or and they noticed the map, then they became intrigued. Curious with what all it all meant, we began a story that quickly became a favorite.

We have read this book many, many times and they love following the characters through the book, and are always on the looking for the Yabbut. What is a Yabbut you say? must read the book to find out, but let’s just say that he can whenever there are decisions to be made, the Yabbut will always try to make an appearance.