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In Land of I AM you will find your way through,
past all the false mirrors and to the real you!

Two of the most powerful, important words in the world are “I am.” These simple words shape how you see yourself. As you wind through this maze you’ll learn that these reflections come from the false, negative labels you’ve given yourself. As you learn to be careful with the I AMs that you say, and choose only the best ones, you’ll find your way out and to the best and truest version of your real self.

It is never too early, or too late to really understand the power of the two words, “I AM.” We are all so quick to use negative labels, but rarely use positive ones. This can affect our self-esteem, at any age. Land of I AM can help you show you and your family that we can change our self-image, just by the two simple words that we use. And how to use the best labels for ourselves.

Land of I AM is so much more than just a book. Filled with simple strategies and useful steps, it’s a tool to help you and your family navigate life’s terrain, and always use the best I AMs. This fantastically-illustrated and wonderfully-rhymed story teaches the important life-lesson of how to use the best labels for yourself in a way that readers of all ages can use and enjoy.


Utilize our free Fun Stuff to keep the journey going. We have tools that are great to help parents and teachers expand on the messages in Land of I AM, with activities that will help everyone know the power of I AM.

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