Welcome to Land of ENOUGH


In this Land you will find there’s no need for more stuff
Because gratitude shows you there’s always ENOUGH.

Discover the power of gratitude in Land of ENOUGH. On this journey you will learn how the simple act of being grateful shows that you truly HAVE enough, that THERE IS enough, and YOU ARE enough. So, instead of always looking for more or wanting to be someone else, you will discover that, with the help of a little gratitude, ENOUGH can always be found.


Coming May 2022

Here is a sneak peek!!!!

What’s all the trouble, my lone little chum? You look disappointed and mad and quite glum.

“I don’t have enough and I can’t seem to get all the MORE that I need. So that’s why I’m upset.” 

And me? I’m the Yabbut, your guide here to teach that what you really need is already in reach.

When you think you are lacking, I’ll quickly point out that ENOUGH is at hand; you aren’t going without.  

You see, you hold a power beyond what is measured. It turns what you have into wonderful treasure.

It’s called being GRATEFUL, and what it can do is reveal all the good things already in view.

In this place you will learn you’re not suffering with less, but that you have ENOUGH, thanks to what you possess. 

“You have to be kidding! Is this all I’ve got? This isn’t enough. It just can’t be. It’s not.
I NEED so much more than what’s here in this spot!” 

Oh, there’s so much around, but to you it’s not clear ‘cuz you’re not being grateful for what you have HERE.

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