Bring the Land of… Children’s Books to your school!


The Land of… Children’s Books are so much more than just fun stories to read. These important life lessons provide tools to help you navigate life’s terrain.

Inviting us to your school is about so much more than just reading a fun book. Your students, teachers, and staff will leave with ways to incorporate the books and their important messages into their lives.

Katie Mullaly, author and publisher, brings her energy, passion for creating these tools, and shear joy of interacting with (and affecting) the readers she gets to share it all with. To make sure that no one misses out on the beauty and fun of the books and their amazing illustrations, the books are shown via PowerPoint on a large screen. We provide the presentation.

At the end, we encourage the participants to engage and ask questions. Sometimes that is the best part of the whole presentation!

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School Visits and Readings

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With a full series to choose from, and different books better suited to different grades, we offer an experience appropriate for all age ranges, from kindergarten through high school.

Books to Read: Depending on the age of the group and the length of time, Katie can read any one of her four books, Land of OR, Land of AND, Land of I AM, or Land of NOW. For the younger grades (kindergarten and first), Land of AND is recommended as the only read. The older grades will enjoy all four books.

For middle and high schoolers, we recommend Land of I AM and Land of NOW. Both books bring important messages to older students in a new way of learning these important mindfulness topics.

Worksheets and Materials: We have created one-page worksheets and reminders of the journeys that you can give your students after the presentations. This way, you can easily continue the conversation about these important topics. We also have downloadable posters for your classrooms that will help remind everyone of the journey. The school is responsible for all printing.

Discussion: In addition to questions from the students, we can have discussions about the meaning of each book. For Land of OR, we can talk about the steps for good choice making and the Options found in the book. Land of AND offers a discussion around acceptance, uniqueness and inclusion. When Land of I AM is the book, the discussion is focused on how we can all use the best labels for ourselves. And for Land of NOW, how to be in moment is the topic.

In addition, Katie is also the publisher of these books and many kids like to ask questions about the writing and publishing world. We can’t forget, the topic of the Yabbut will certainly be included in all readings. If you would like a preview of the questions before the presentation, Katie will happily send them to you. Feel free to add additional questions if you like.

Grade Levels: Although the books are categorized for ages 5 and up, the topics they cover are important to all ages. No matter your age group, audience members will certainly gain something from the readings. In addition, if you have a class that is discussing publishing, writing, poetry or another topic that is in alignment with the books, bring Katie in to talk with them. Your students could gain a lot.

Recording: If you would like to record the presentations, please do. We just ask that you share the recording and any other images with us to use for our marketing.


Before the Visit:

Publicity: If you would like to share the event with your local media, we can provide you with a press release and images. Katie is happy to do interviews with local media outlets. They can contact her directly at or 435-513-0444.

Book Sales: If your school would like to have books available for purchase at the event, we will create a promotional flyer for you to print and send home with the kids a few days ahead of the event. And, we will offer special discounts for students, teachers, and parents.

Materials: We will email you the worksheets and posters ahead of time. All printing and distribution to the students will be taken care of by the school.

Equipment: If the group is large, more than 20 kids, we recommend projecting the books on to a screen so that all of the beautiful detail of the illustrations can be seen. Katie will bring a computer (PC) with the presentations on it. For larger groups and auditoriums, please provide a microphone so that she may reach the entire audience.



Author Event Pricing (2021-2022 school year):

Full Day – In Person: $850 (within 90 miles of Park City, Utah) – up to 6 presentations with a break in between, a book signing (if students want to purchase books), and lunch with students and/or teachers (plus travel expenses for schools more than 25 miles from Park City, Utah). The school will receive a signed copy of all four books. For travel more than 90 miles, full-day price is $1100, plus expenses.

Half-Day – In Person: $450 – up to 3 presentations (plus travel expenses for schools more than 25 miles from Park City, Utah). This is only available to schools within 90 miles of Park City, Utah. The school will receive a signed copy of all four books.

Online-via Skype or other web-based method: $175 for the first class, then $75 for following classes. Presentations must all be on the same day and back-to-back when possible. The school will be mailed a signed copy of all four books.

Please contact us directly, or 435-513-0444 to schedule a book event.

We understand budgets for student programs vary widely – please get in touch with us to discuss the details of your request. Please contact us directly, or 435-513-0444.



Author fees must be paid by the day of the event, or before. School will be invoiced at the time of booking with a deposit of half the fee due at time of booking and other half due before the reading. Web-based events must be paid in full before the reading. All travel expenses must be paid before the event, a separate invoice will be sent out. If the author cancels the event, the school or organization will receive a full refund or option to reschedule. If the school or organization cancels, the only refund will be the second half of the payment, if already paid. The deposit and any non-refundable travel expenses will not be refunded. The option to reschedule will be available for a fee (determined by rebooking costs and travel).

Our company may be small, but our impact on our readers is huge with our messages and tools
to bring mindfulness to kids (and adults) through our books and other products.

If you would like to be a part of the Land of… Children’s Books through distribution,
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