New Activity Packets!

Here are some great tools, resources, and fun ways to keep the conversations (and lessons) going from each book.

These Activity Kits include fun worksheets and activities, word finders, finger puppets, coloring sheets,
certificates, and, of course, Yabbut stuff!

Download our FREE workbooks from each Land and keep the adventure going.
Or, save your printer’s ink and buy from Amazon (they are at least 25 pages long).





Guides for 
Each Book


Certificates for Remembering the Journey

Click on each one to download. Then print and hand out for acting awesome!

Land of NOW

Certificate for being
in the NOW

Land of I AM

Certificate for using
your best I AMs!

Land of AND

Certificate for
including others!

Land of OR

Certificate for
making great choices!

Coloring Sheets

Click on each one to download and color in your own Land!

Dancing Yabbuts

Land of NOW

Land of I AM

Land of AND

Land of OR

Travel Guides

Tips and tools to help you and your young travelers navigate through each land.

Land of  NOW

Land of I AM

Land of AND

Land of OR

Finger Puppets

Print, follow the directions, and have fun!!!

Guides for Each Land

Print and use to remind yourself of the lessons from your journeys!

Yabbut Jar Covers

Charge for all the Yabbuts running around!

Print and put on a jar and watch the Yabbutty $$$ roll in.


Crossword, word finder and other puzzles

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international rights, or other outlets, let us know.

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