Travel these Lands and life-lessons you’ll gain

To help you navigate life’s complex terrain!


About the Land of… Children’s Books Series

Welcome to our Lands!!!


Filled with simple strategies and useful steps, these Lands are so much more than just books. They are tools to help you and your family navigate life’s terrain. These fantastically-illustrated and wonderfully-rhymed stories teach important life-lessons of personal growth, mindfulness, and emotional awareness in fun, unique ways that readers of all ages can use and enjoy.

“A modern-day Dr. Seuss with a contemporary twist and an important message for kids.”

Sit here in NOW; in this Land you will find,
ways to clear all the chaos and quiet your mind.

In Land of NOW, you learn the tools for how to be present, in this moment by clearing out all the useless thoughts that are blocking the NOW.  Whatever the reason, whether it’s worry, regret, or not liking what is, Land of NOW can show you what to do with all the useless thoughts, and how to let them move on so you can enjoy the only moment we have, the NOW. Learn more about Land of NOW…


The Land of NOW Activity Kit provides you with the tools, worksheets, and fun bits, to help you to stay in the NOW and enjoy the present moment.

“The life lessons Mullaly concentrates on in her books are the foundation of an upstanding human.”

In Land of I AM you will find your way through,
past all the false mirrors and to the real you!

These two simple, powerful words, “I AM,” shape how we see ourselves. This journey shows that these reflections come from the false, negative labels you’ve given yourself. As you wind through this maze you’ll learn how to use only the best I AMs and find the truest version of your best, real self. Learn more about Land of I AM…


The Land I AM Activity Kit provides you with the tools, worksheets, and fun bits, to help you to always use the best I AMs and labels for yourself.

“The Land of… series provides a fun and enlightening experience that leaves lasting effects.”

Climb on aboard and your world will expand.
We’ll include all we find in this grand Land of AND!

As you float down the river that rolls and rumbles through AND, you learn all the great ways to include others, embrace differences, and make your world more exciting! You’ll discover that even those who seem scary or different at first bring something great to this journey where everyone is included and gets to come along! Learn more about Land of AND…


The Land of AND Activity Kit provides you with the tools, worksheets, and fun bits, to help you remember your journey and always include others.

“I don’t even have children and I’m in love with this storybook collection.”

Travel with us through this fine Land of OR
and learn how to choose unlike never before!

Come along on a fantastic adventure where readers of all ages learn how to make great choices. On this journey you’ll discover that there are many options for your choice and then how to pick the best one. From intention to consequences, you will whittle them down and leave with the best option for you. Learn more about Land of OR…


The Land of OR Activity Kit provides you with the tools, worksheets, and fun bits, to help you remember your journey and make good choices.

“These are powerfully affirmative books on a vast range of qualities, and all I can say in the end is: encore, encore, encore.”

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